Yule market, Gudvangen Viking Village 🌲🍂  4

Hi dear reader, it’s been a long time!

Fall has just flown by, and I have missed being able to sit down and write here. Christian and I have been busy moving into our new house, which is now starting to feel like home. And Yule is approaching, which always makes me happy!

This past weekend we travelled to Gudvangen to visit the winter market that was being held in the Viking village of Njardarheimr, and spent a couple of days walking around the village to check out various handcrafted goods, drinking warm mulled wine and Yule beer, and getting the smell of bonfires back in our Viking clothes. :)

We had hoped for snow, but while the mountain tops were sprinkled with white, the valley was mostly foggy and rainy. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time and I made sure to get a few photos to feed this hungry blog of mine... ^^

My company for the weekend; these two handsome fellows!

Although the market was a mix of historical and new, I loved having the opportunity to stroll around in my Viking clothes again and meet a few of the people I usually only see during the summer markets. Apart from private events and midwinter blóts, there is not much happening on the Viking reenactment front during wintertime, and I applaud Njardarheimr for arranging this! I hope these markets become an annual event. And let's hope for lots of snow next time! 🌨️🌲

Music: Kaunan - Vandringen

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