Hafrsfjordkaupangen 2018 🔥🌲  4

A few weeks ago we travelled down the Western coast from Bergen, back to visit the Hafrsfjord Vikings at their annual Viking market by Møllebukta in Stavanger. A historical location, welcoming people, singing and storytelling—it was a pleasure as always!

Anja & Claus ♥

The weather might have been windy and wet at times, but Lars Christian was prepared with his leather rain pants and hood. ^^

Friday night by the common fire 🍻🎶

The monument below, "Sverd i fjell", commemorates the battle of Hafrsfjord which took place toward the end of the 9th century. The largest sword represents the victorious king Harald Fairhair while the two smaller ones represent the defeated kings, and the swords are symbolically planted into the rock, never to be raised again.

Two weeks until our next Viking adventure, when we'll be travelling the the end of the Nærøyfjord to spend a week at the Gudvangen Viking Market!

Music: Sowulo - Arvakr, acoustic

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