Anticipation and Preparation... 🌿 28

I cannot begin to describe how much I’m looking forward to the upcoming weekend. 🍃

It will be the first historical market of the year for us, and a welcome break in lovely green surroundings on the grounds of the open-air museum close to our home.

I started preparing a bit today. Freshly greased turnshoes! 👞

Polished jewellery ✨

…and a certain excited Viking lady, soon to be dressed in full garb again!

An untouched piece of linen that has been lying around for years... Will there be any last-minute panic sewing, or will I manage to restrain myself?

Time will show.

Music: Julian Lehmann - Medieval Journey

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Viking/Medieval Market Calendar - 2024 🌲🔥 13

Greetings from the cold and wintry woodlands of western Norway!

It might not look much like it in these photos taken a few weeks ago, when the cover of fluffy December snow had been reduced to little patches here and there. I had even heard the first of the early spring birds starting to chirp in anticipation of warmer days to come. ♫ But the other night king winter decided to pay us another visit, and all is white again.

I think that's all the more reason to publish my annual calendar of markets and events, for all Viking and Medieval Age-entusiasts with a love for living history who want to start planning the upcoming season. I'm sure I'm not the only one looking forward to gathering around the merchant's stalls and campfires once again, to share, teach, learn and enjoy our old cultural history under bright summer skies!

I have limited the list to Norway this year. That’s partly because the large Scandinavian overview was time-demanding for a full-time working mom to keep updating with new dates ticking in throughout the year, and partly because the positive feedback I’ve received for my overviews have mainly been from people who use them to plan their summer tours here in Norway. But let me know if you feel differently and I may reconsider that.

Also, feel free to share and help spread this to others who may have use for it! But please credit my website if you copy the list to somewhere else. ♥

23–25 Vinterviking - seminar / Winter viking - seminar Link
N/A Re Middelalderdager / Re Medieval Festival Link
24–26 Bjørnevåk Jernalderting på Tingvatn / Bjørnevåk Iron Age Ting at Tingvatn Link
25–26 Vikingmarked på Leikvin / Viking Market at Leikvin Link
31–June 2 Bjørgvin Marknad, Viking og Middelalderfestival / Bjørgvin Viking and Medieval Market Link
31–June 2 Oslo Middelalderfestival / Oslo Medieval Festival Link
TBA Sigdal Viking-Middelaldermarked / Sigdal Viking and Medieval Market Link
1–2 Lunden Vikingmarked / Lunden Viking Market Link
6–9 Vikingfestivalen på Avaldsnes / Viking Market at Avaldsnes Link
7–9 Tønsberg Middelalderfestival / Tønsberg Medieval Festival Link
14–16 Hafrsfjordkaupangen / Hafrsfjord Viking Market Link
14–16 Hamar Middelalderfestival / Hamar Medieval Festival Link
14–16 Trondheim Vikingmarked / Trondheim Viking Market Link
22–23 Yddir Vikingmarked / Yddir Viking Market Link
TBA Sunnmøre Middelalderfestival / Sunnmøre Medieval Festival Link
5–7 Borrekaupangen - Nordisk Vikingmarked / Borre Nordic Viking Market Link
19–21 Eidfjord Vikingfestival / Eidfjord Viking Festival Link
19–21 Sarpsborg Vikingfestival i Landeparken / Sarpsborg Viking Festival in Landeparken Link
22–27 Middelalderuka i Numedal / Medieval Week in Numedal Link
24–29 Olsokdagene på Stiklestad / The Saint Olav festival at Stiklestad Link
TBA Barnas Vikingdager på Egge / Childrens' Viking Days at Egge Link
TBA Gulatinget Vikingmarked / Gulatinget Viking Market Link
TBA Midgard Vikingfestival / Midgard Viking Festival Link
TBA Odderøya Vikingmarked / Odderøya Viking Market Link
TBA Saltr vikingmarked, samling / Saltr Viking Market Gathering Link
TBA Store Nes Viking og Middelalder Marked / Store Nes Viking and Medieval Market Link
N/A Bronseplassen Vikingmarked / Bronseplassen Viking Market Link
8–11 Lofotr Vikingfestival / Lofotr Viking Festival Link
8-11 Tønsberg Vikingfestival / Tønsberg Viking Festival Link
14–18 Midgardsblot metalfestival / Midgardsblot Metal Festival (including "Fólkvangr" Viking market area) Link
TBA Askøy Vikinglag Marknad / Askøy Viking Market Link
TBA Hove Vikingmarked (Agder Vikinglag) / Hove Viking Market Link
TBA Landa park vikingfestival, Forsand / Vikingfestival at Landa Park in Forsand Link
TBA Møystadsaga vikingtreff / Møystadsaga viking meeting Link
TBA Viking- og mellomalderdag på Lygra / Viking and Middle Ages Day at Lygra Link
7–8 Gjallarstadir Vikingmarked / Gjallarstadir Viking Market Link
21–22 Bergen Middelalderfestival / Bergen Medieval Festival Link
TBA Gudvangen Vikingmarked / Gudvangen Viking Market Link
TBA Nordfjord Vikingmarked / Norfjord Viking Market Link
TBA Vikingmarked på Utstein kloster / Viking Market at Utstein Monastery Link

I wish I could attend them all! ^^

As always, my first market of the year will be the lovely and atmospheric Bjørgvin market,
and we'll see from there. Do you have plans for the summer already?


Photography and editing:
Music: Tartalo Music - Journey through the Highlands

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