Midwinter blót, 2019 🔥 21

Last night was the first full moon after the first new moon since the winter solstice - and time for the Old Norse Midwinter blót and Yule celebration, which is one of the four main feasts of the year.

We celebrated during the weekend by bundling up with layers of wool, packed firewood, dried and cured leg of lamb, blueberry mead and mulled wine in our backpacks, and headed into the woods.

It was dark and I didn't focus on taking that many photos, but perhaps you can perceive some of the good atmosphere through the few ones I captured. It was a wonderful weekend with close friends.

Do you celebrate Midwinter?

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Red apron dress and natural linen tunic 19

Bjørgvin is now covered by a white veil of lovely thick snow, which is not all that common since we are located by the coast and more used to clouds and rain than we'd like to admit. I used the opportunity to take a few proper photos of my newest handsewn dresses that I made last year!

The red woolen apron dress is sewn with wool thread using the same technique as my previous blue one, based on the Heiðabý/Haithabu findings. It consists of three panels (one in the front and two joining at the back), with two darts running down along the back. The darts are decorated with 6-strand braids of red and brown wool. I made this one a bit longer than my previous one, and the backside of the dress reaches down to the ground.

Shoulder loops..

The tunic/underdress is made from natural unbleached linen, and is sewn with extra gores to add width, square underarm gussets, and a keyhole neckline. The design is based on fragments from Birka, Norway.

Now it's time to pack some warmer clothes, needlebound hats and mittens, as we will be spending the evening outside in the woods with friends, with cured meats, mead and warm mulled wine around the fire! It's been a long time, and I cannot wait. ^^

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Viking market calendar - 2019 ⊕ 13

Ah, the fresh feeling brand new year... I hope you had a wonderful Yuletide, and I wish you all the best in 2019! 🌿🍂

For some of us there is however still more Yule to come during the next few weeks, and we are currently planning the upcoming midwinter blót of our little reenactment group Folkvangr.

Til árs ok friðar - To a good and peaceful year!

As always, I am also looking forward to the upcoming season of Medieval and Viking Age events with great affection! Below you'll find my annual list of things happening around Scandinavia this year.

Some markets are biennial and/or will not be arranged this year (N/A), and since it's still early some dates have not been set yet (TBA), but I'll be updating the list continuously.

If your market or event is not listed, please let me know and I'll make sure to add it!

20.01 Barnas jólefest på Midgard / Childrens' Yule Feast at Midgard (NO)
08-10.02 Re Middelalderdager / Re Medieval Festival (NO)
22-24.02 Vinterviking / "Winter viking" seminar (NO)
11-12.05 Ekenäs Riddarspel og Historiska Marknad / Knights tournament at Ekenäs castle (SE)
13-14.05 Medeltidsmarknad i Kungsträdgården / Medieval Market at Kungsträdgården (SE)
29.04-05.05 Ribe Vikingemarked / Ribe Viking Market (DK)
30.04-01.05 Alsnu vikingadagar / Alsnu Viking Days (SE)
01.05-21.10 Njardarheimr, Gudvangen Viking Village (NO)
04-05.05 Ale Vikingamarknad / Ale Viking Market (SE)
17-19.05 Middelalder Majmarked / Medieval May Market (DK)
24-26.05 Gärdsjöspelen / Gärdsjöspelen (SE)
24-26.05 Oslo Middelalderfestival / Oslo Medieval Festival (NO)
25-26.05 Lödöse Medeltidsdagar / Lödöse Medieval Days (SE)
25-26.05 Runrikets Dag, Täby / The Rune Kingdom's Day (SE)
25-26.05 Tyresö medeltidsdagar / Tyresö Medieval Days (SE)
25-26.05 Vetlanda Vikingamarknad (Emådalens Vikingar) / Vikingmarket in Vetlanda (SE)
25-26.05 Vikingmarked på Leikvin (Møre frie Vikingar) / Viking Market at Leikvin (NO)
24-26.05 Vikingtinget på Tingvatn (Agder Vikinglag) / Vikingting at Tingvatn (NO)
30.05-02.06 Leksands Medeltidsmarknad / Leksand Medieval Market (SE)
30.05-02.06 Smedenes Vikingemarked / Market of Blacksmiths at Kysing Strand (DK)
30.05-02.06 Vikingernes forårstræf, Ulvsborg / Vikings' spring meeting, Ulvsborg (DK)
31.05-02.06 Bjørgvin Marknad, Viking og Middelalderfestival / Bjørgvin Viking and Medieval Market (NO)
31.05-01.06 Rikstornering og marknad på Hovdala slott / Jousting Tournament at Hovdala Castle (SE)
31.05-02.06 Tønsberg Middelalderfestival / Tønsberg Medieval Festival (NO)
TBA Lekvattnets Medeltidsmarknad (Karmenkynna) / Lekvattnets Medieval Market (SE)
TBA Sigdal Viking-Middelaldermarked / Sigdal Viking and Medieval Market (NO)
06-09.06 Karmøy Vikingfestival / Karmøy Viking Market (NO)
07-10.06 Københavns Middelaldermarked / Copenhagen Medieval Market (DK)
08-09.06 Arvika Medeltidsmarknad / Arvika Medieval Market (SE)
13-17.06 Hafnarfjördur Víkingahátíð / Hafnarfjördur Viking Festival (IS)
14-16.06 Hamar Middelalderfestival / Hamar Medieval Festival (NO)
15-16.06 Esrum Middelalderdage / Esrum Medieval Days (DK)
15-16.06 Medeltidsdagarna i Lund / Medieval Festival in Lund (SE)
21-23.06 Frederikssund Vikingemarked Frederikssund Viking Market (DK)
21-23.06 Trondheim Vikingmarked / Trondheim Viking Market (NO)
21-23.06 Yddir Vikingmarked / Yddir Viking Market (NO)
28-30.06 Fotevikens vikingamarknad / Fotevikens Vikingmarket (SE)
28-30.06 Wadköping Medeltidsmarknad / Wadköping Medieval Festival (SE)
29-30.06 Silvergruvans Medeltidsdagar / Silvergruvans Medieval Days (SE)
29-30.06 Vikingemarkedet på Lindholm Høje / Viking Market at Lindholm Høje (DK)
TBA Ramme Vikingemarked / Ramme Viking Market (DK)
N/A Sunnmøre Middelalderfestival / Sunnmøre Medieval Festival (NO)
TBA Vikingemarked på Doverodde / Viking Market at Doverodde (DK)
N/A Hafrsfjordkaupangen / Hafrsfjord Viking Market (NO)
01.07-09.08 Hvolris Jernalderlandsby / Hvolris Iron Age Village (DK)
02-07.07 I Förfäders Spår, for deltakere / Ancestors' Footsteps, history event, for reenactors (SE)
05-07.07 Slaget om Trelleborgen / Battle of Trelleborgen (SE)
05-07.07 Tuna Ting Medeltidsmarknad, Börlange (Södra Dalarnas Medeltidsförening) / Tuna Ting Medieval Market, Börlange (SE)
05-07.07 Vikingafestival i Stallarholmen / Stallarholmen Viking Festival (SE)
06-07.07 Fyrkat Vikingemarked / Fyrkat Viking Market (DK)
06-07.07 I Förfäders Spår, Vikingatida Marknad / I Förfäders Spår, Viking Market (SE)
06-07.07 Jels vikingespil og marked / Jels Viking Play and Market (DK)
06-07.07 Medeltidsdagar på Varbergs fästning / Medieval Days at Varberg Fortress (SE)
06-07.07 Midgard Vikingfestival / Midgard Viking Festival (NO)
06-07.07 Vikingemarkedet ved Højene i Jelling / Viking Market at Højene (DK)
11-13.07 Skellefteås Medeltidsdagar på Kyrkholmen / Skellefteås Medieval Days (SE)
12-14.07 Barnas Vikingdager på Egge / Childrens' Viking Days at Egge (NO)
12-14.07 Bronseplassen Vikingmarked (Agder Vikinglag) / Bronseplassen Viking Market (NO)
13.07 Medeltidsdagen vid Hunehals Borg / Medieval Day at Hunehals Borg (SE)
13-14.07 Fröja Thing Vikingamarknad / Fröja Thing Viking Market (SE)
13-21.07 Trelleborg Vikingefestival / Trelleborg Viking Festival (DK)
15-20.07 Bornholms Middelalderuge / Bornholm Medieval Week (DK)
16-21.07 Gudvangen Vikingmarked / Gudvangen Viking Market (NO)
19-21.07 Medeltidsdagarna, Torpa Stenhus / Medieval Days, Torpa Stenhus (SE)
19-21.07 Sarpsborg Vikingfestival / Sarpsborg Viking Festival (NO)
20-29.07 Middelalderuka i Numedal / Medieval week in Numedal (NO)
22-29.07 Olsokdagene på Stiklestad / The Saint Olav festival at Stiklestad (NO)
24-28.07 Orø Vikingemarked / Orø Viking Market (DK)
24-28.07 Stiklastadirmarkedet / Stiklastadir Historical Market (NO)
25-27.07 Vikingamarknaden i Saltvik (Fornföreningen Fibula) / Viking Market in Saltvik (SE)
27-28.07 Moesgård Vikingetræf / The Viking Moot at Moesgård (DK)
27-28.07 Värmlands Vikingating / Värmland Viking Thing (SE)
TBA Hova Riddarvecka / Hova Kinghts' Week (SE)
TBA Ingólfshátíð / Viking festival of Reykjavík (IS)
TBA Medeltidsdagen, Forsa Socken / Medieval Day, Forsa parish (SE)
TBA Medeltidsspelen i Medeltidsbyn Primus Vicus / Medieval Games, in the Village of Primus Vicus (SE)
TBA Rets-ting og Vikingemarked, Sagnlandet Lejre / Ting and Viking Market at Højene (DK)
TBA Storholmen Vikingaby Familjefestival / Storholmen Viking Village Family Festival (SE)
TBA Vikingar på Birka / Vikings at Birka (SE)
N/A Borre Vikingmarked / Borre Viking Market (NO)
N/A Medeltidsdagar på Hägnan (Luleå) / Medieval Days at Hägnan in Luleå (SE)
01-05.08 Saltr vikingmarked (Boðvin Viking) / Saltr Viking Market (NO)
02-04.08 Hornbore Ting / Hornbore Ting (SE)
03-04.08 Vikingemarked i Hobro (Sildehagen) / Viking Market in Hobro (Sildehagen) (SE)
04-11.08 Medeltidsveckan på Gotland / Medieval Week at Gotland (SE)
07-11.08 Arboga Medeltidsdagar / Arboga Medieval Days (SE)
07-11.08 Lofotr Vikingfestival / Lofotr Viking Festival (NO)
10-11.08 Bork Vikingemarked / Bork Viking Market (DK)
11.08 Vikingdag på Lygra / Viking Day at Lygra (NO)
14-18.08 Midgardsblot metalfestival / Midgardsblot Metal Festival (includes a viking market area) (NO)
23-25.08 Askøy Vikinglag Marknad / Askøy Viking Market (NO)
23-24.08 Europæisk Middelalder Festival, Horsens / European Medieval Festival, Horsens (DK)
24-25.08 Högs Gästabud, medeltids marknad med tournerspel / Medival Market and tournament at Hög (SE)
30.08-01.09 Söderköpings Gästabud, Medeltida marknad / Söderköpings Gästabud, Medieval market (SE)
31.08-01.09 Nordfyns Vikingemarked / Nordfyns Viking Market (DK)
31.08-01.09 Vikingemarked i Sebbersund / Viking Market in Sebbersund (DK)
TBA Barnens Arkeologidag, Storholmen Vikingaby / The Children’s Viking Day, Storholmen Viking Village (SE)
TBA Festningsdagene (gamle Bergenhusdagene) / Medieval Days at Bergenhus Fortress (NO)
TBA Hove Vikingmarked (Agder Vikinglag) / Hove Viking Market (NO)
TBA Jämtlands Vikinga Dagar / Jämtlands Viking Days (SE)
TBA Landa park vikingfestival, Forsand / Vikingfestival at Landa Park in Forsand (NO)
TBA Lionga Ting Vikingamarknad / Lionga Thing Viking Market (SE)
TBA Møystadssaga vikingtreff / Møystadssaga Viking Meeting (NO)
TBA Nivlheim vikingmarked / Nivlheim Viking Market (NO)
TBA Norrtälje Historiska dagar / Norrtälje Historical Days (SE)
N/A Ringsted Middelalderfestival / Ringsted Medieval festival (DK)
TBA Vikinge marked ved Kællinghøl, Bjerringbro / Kællinghøl Viking Market (DK)
07-08.09 Ishøj Vikingemarked / Ishøj Viking Market (DK)
07-08.09 Vikingatida Höstmarknad, Gunnes Gård / Vikingage Autumn Market, Gunnes Farm (SE)
08.09 Middelalderdagen på Karmøy / Medieval Day at Karmøy (NO)
12-15.09 Tønsberg Vikingfestival / Tønsberg Viking Festival (NO)
14-15.09 Gudahagens Vikingamarknad / Gudahagens Viking Market (SE)
14-15.09 Hvolris Oldtidsmarked / Hvolris Market (DK)
14.09 Medeltidsmarknad i Västerås / Medieval Market in Västerås (SE)
TBA Gjallarstadir Vikingmarked Lillestrøm / Gjallarstadir Viking Market (NO)
TBA Store Nes Viking og Middelalder Marked / Store Nes Viking and Medieval Market (NO)
TBA Tissø Vikingemarked / Tissø Viking Market (DK)
TBA Hedensk Vinter- og Julemarked, Korsør / Heathen Winter- and Yule Market, Korsør (DK)
TBA Ale Julmarknad / Ale Yule Market (SE)
TBA Frederikssund Lysfest og Vintermarked / Frederikssund Winter Market (DK)
TBA Julemarknad i Gudvangen / Yule Market in Gudvangen (NO)
TBA Julmarknad i Medeltidsbyn Primus Vicus / Yule market, in the Village of Primus Vicus (SE)
TBA Medeltida jul på Gotland / Medieval Yule at Gotland (SE)
TBA Vintersolhvervsfest på Fyrkat / Midwinter celebration at Fyrkat (DK)

What are your plans for the upcoming market season? Pehaps I'll get to meet some more of you in person this year!

Ps. Feel free to share this post (Valkyrja.com/130118) or its contents with credit to Valkyrja.com.

Music: Songleikr - Mann og mening

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