September... 🍁🔥🌰 29

I love fall ♥ Wearing my big black boots and raincoat outside, coming home to light up the fire and lots of candles, and spend time blogging while listening to Kaunan, Wardruna, Danheim and other relaxing music—while the rain poors and the wind howls outside.

I am enjoying my last fall in this home, as Christian and I just bought a new house together and we are in the process of selling my apartment. We are so happy! It will be an exciting fall and winter. We are planning some Viking-related events together with the rest of our group Folkvangr, and I also just heard that there will be a Yule market in Gudvangen this year! I’ve added a link with info in my market calendar from January.

What are your plans for the season? ^^

Music: Kaunan - Svärdsjö Polska

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