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A few weeks ago I got a phone call about a very spontaneous shoot of a short movie called "Blood Brothers". My friend Enok Groven whom I know from the Viking reenactment society is a model planning to expand into acting, and he recently had his first film role in an upcoming film called Birkebeinerne together with Bjørn Nellemann. They had both attended the recent casting for the 4th season of the Vikings series in Sweden, and wanted to see if they could improve their chances by making a short film of the characters Ubbe and Ivar, sons of Ragnar Loðbrok, to send to one of the producers in Ireland. Enok had gotten the idea a few days before shooting, and however improvised it was a great cooperation of voluntary work by models, actors, fighters, choreographers, make-up artists, audio engineers, videographers, photographers and director Sigurd Aae Klausen. We met on the ground of the Horda Museum in Bergen, and people brought their own clothes and gear and shared with one another, such as the second female actor who is wearing my jewelry and clothes sown by me. ^^

I have no experience in acting (and as most people I hate watching myself on tape), which made the challenge quite intimidating. Especially when I showed up on set and it turned out that I was to play one of the main roles and had lines... But we had so much fun!

I had an important meeting the same day which I wouldn't get away from, and had to take a cab from the city centre and arrive a few hours late, but make-up artists Frida Rykkje and Jannicke Helgesen made my hair in a matter of minutes and I got a rough Lagertha-inspired hairdo.

Photographer Marius Pettersen also took some great still photos during the filming as well as some photos behind the scenes, and kindly allowed me to share them here:

Danish man cut my throat. Hate when that happens.

Group photo. Bjørn picks up Maria. Enok whispers humorously to me; "You know I could probably lift you up like that as well".

I respond; "perhaps it's better I pick you up?" #tallgirlproblems

What a fun day! That night we went out together to celebrate and abreact.

We don't know yet if the film will be shown anywhere or what will come out of it, but it might eventually be sent to some film festivals. Either way we did get some really nice still photos out of it by the amazing photographer Arne Beck which are currently being edited. Looking forward to getting a look at them.

And how cool would it be if Enok or Bjørn got a role in Vikings? (After all, they have already made a good start by using Einar Selvik who is also from Bergen and is singing in the soundtrack above.)

Photography: Marius Pettersen

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