Gudvangen Viking Market 2019! 🌿 25

Ah, the Gudvangen Viking Market is one of the highlights of my year. I usually attend markets for a weekend or so, but when travelling here we take the whole week off and have the time to really get into the feeling...

As I'm sure many of you already know the market has been arranged in the same place for many years, but during the last three years it has become a village called Njardarheimr with permanent buildings, wattle fences and little roads, sheep and chickens, a smithy, a chieftain's hall, and many smaller sleeping houses. The village hosts visitors all year around, with reenactors, blacksmiths and other craftspeople living and working there throughout the year.

I've finally gotten a hold of learning needlebinding ("nålebinding") and brought lots of Icelandic wool yarn with me back from my last trip to Iceland to work with during the market.

Our market-neighbor LC. ^^ As you can see here, he is helping me with my needlebinding.

Breakfast in our camp...

Due to the authenticity rules in Njardarheimr one is asked to change to modern clothing in order to use a camera during the opening hours, which I did in order to document some of the pretty things for sale around the village: :)

Silje by the chieftain's hall

Handwoven wool fabrics from handspun threads.. *drool*

The weather was mostly warm and sunny, and we used the opportunity to hike to the top of the mountains along the fjord, to "Bakkanosi" which is 1398 meters above sea level. The view was breathtaking! Considering the overload of photos I took during the market I think I'll save these for another blog post, but here is a little preview:

Glíma & combat training

I found the little red riding hood!

Working, playing, sharing food, mead, and songs by the campfire. ♥

We spent the last night at the market in the more modern food hall, where an open microphone had been set up for those who wanted to sing or play, and we enjoyed an evening with such a warm and joyful atmosphere.

The chieftain Georg may have said it best himself; In Njardarheimr everyone is welcome, except for those who think that someone else shouldn't be.

Thank you so much for now Gudvangen, see you again next year!


Music: Alasdair Fraser - Wooden Whale, Leaps & Bounds, Skye Barbecue

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