A warm wool coat... 🍂 12

Some years ago, I made an attempt at sewing a warm wool coat inspired by findings from Birka (neckline) and Herjolfsnes (gores). Unfortunately, it turned out so large and wide that it made me, 182cm tall, look like a little child stumbling around in her mother's cloak... ^^

I finally got around to fixing it, by detaching all the parts and cutting them back quite a bit before stitching them back together by hand.

The fabric is really thick and warm uncolored wool, and is sewn with waxed woolen thread.

In addition to the back and two front panels, it has five gores for extra hem width, underarm gussets, and three parallel lines of seam for each length. I also added two darts on the lower back to get a better fit.

Needless to say, my fingers hurt... I also bent two needles in the process, aand on one occasion I accidentally sewed the coat stuck to the pants I was wearing while watching GoT... XD

Ah, the struggles!

Square underarm gussets.

It is open in the front and can be closed with a brooch or clasp.

The low neckline is shaped so that the brooches and beads on the apron dress beneath can be visible.

I think it fits quite well now! This will definitely be a practical garment for Viking events during fall and winter, and probably on chilly Norwegian summer nights as well. ^^

Music: Cesair - Erda
Photos and editing: Valkyrja.com, with background stockphotos from Colourbox.com

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