Bjørgvin Viking & Medieval Market 2018 🌳🍃 10

Last weekend it was finally time for the most beautiful adventure of the summer, Bjørgvin Viking market right here in my home town :) The weather in Bergen has been really sunny and warm for the last month, and the historical grounds of the Hordamuseum were all green and luscious as always.

The dry weather has led to a complete fire ban in the area, as even a small spark could be enough to start a forest fire. It felt a bit strange to have a whole market without the smell of bonfires and evenings sitting around the fire, but we were difinitely never cold (quite the opposite)! Luckily we could cool down by wading in the ocean and relaxing in the shade... ^^

My beautiful friend Viola came visiting with her two (soon to be three) little Vikings :)

Strolling around the various market booths (so many temptations)...

The Danish group Virelai were also back, playing their cheerful tunes...

Enjoying refreshments from "Saladin's souk"...

Saturday night feast!

And before we knew it, it was Sunday morning and time to get up and out before risking to melt inside our sun-scorched tents :) Here we have LC waiting for food, in one of his usual funny sitting-positions.

Our next market will be Hafrsfjordkaupangen in Møllebukta in the upcoming weekend, so stay tuned for more lovely Viking market feels! 🍃

Music: Pyrolysis - Drowsytail Apron

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